The operators are nothing but some symbol which represents certain operation to be performed. Operators are used to from expression.

The operator performs operation on value which are store in variable, known as operand.

Operators are divided into following types:

  • Assignment operator
  • Arithmetic operator
  • Relational operator
  • Logical operator
  • Conditional operator
  • Bitwise operator

The Assignment Operator

An Assignment operator is used to form an assignment expression, which assigns the value to an identifier. The most commonly used assignment operator is = .
Assignment expressions that make use of this operator are written in the form Identifier=expression;

The General statement from to use an assignment operator is:

Left hand operator=right hand operator.

Here the statements causes the value of right hand operator to be assigned To the memory location of the left hand operand

The Arithmetic Operator

The Arithmetic operators perform Arithmetic operations. The arithmetic operators can operate on any built in data types.
• To perform arithmetic operation C provides us different arithmetic operator

Arithmetic operators are of two types:

  • Binary operator
  • Unary operator