In a C source program, the basic element recognized by the compiler is the "token." It may be a single character or sequence of characters to form a single item. A token is source-program text that the compiler does not break down into component elements. Tokens are individual words and punctuation marks in passage of text. In C, program the smallest individual units are known as C Tokens. C has Six types of Tokens.

Keywords Ex : int, while
Strings Ex : "abc", "name"
Identifierse Ex : main,amount
Operators Ex : + - * /
Constant Ex : 27 , -89
Special Symbols Ex : () ,[]

Decision Making

Decision making is about deciding the order of execution of statements based on certain conditions until certain specified conditions are met. C language handles decision-making by supporting the following statements,

  • if statement
  • switch statement
  • conditional operator statement (? : operator)
  • goto statement