Turbo C++ Integrated Development Environment

IDE is nothing but Integrated Development Environment in which one can develop, run, test and debug the application. The Turbo C++ IDE appears as shown in figure.

The C Developing Environment is a screen display with windows and pull-down menus. The program listing, error messages and other information are displayed in separate windows.

Invoking the Turbo C IDE

The default directory of Turbo C compiler is c:\tc\bin. So to invoke the IDE from the windows you need to double click the TC icon in the directory c:\tc\bin.

The alternate approach is that we can make a shortcut of tc.exe on the desktop.

Opening New Window in Turbo C
To type a program, you need to open an Edit Window. For this, open file menu and click “new”. A window will appear on the screen where the program may be typed.

Writing a Program in Turbo C
When the Edit window is active, the program may be typed.

Saving a Program in Turbo C
To save the program, select save command from the file menu. This function can also be performed by pressing the [F2] button. A dialog box will appear asking for the path and name of the file. Provide an appropriate and unique file name.